Huge Snake Eats Monkey – Monkey’s Troop Becomes Defensive and Screams to Warn Others – Adorable Wildlife

Adorable Wildlife has captured another video of the daily life of the macaque. Pythons are their notorious enemies, and this snake has just eaten a macaque monkey right in front of its family! The troop has remained in order to keep an eye on the predator. As they watch, they surround the snake, and as it moves, the monkeys squeal and scream to let other monkeys know that there is danger. Macaques tend to be very aggressive and curious. Though they know the snake is a predator, they will stay close to make sure that nothing else happens to the rest of the monkeys in the troop. Macaque monkeys are also very social, so they will stick together until the snake is out of their area and until their family is safe! Look for more videos from Adorable Wildlife coming soon.

If you want to understand clearly, please these videos now :

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4