We will share here with every adorable wildlife and especially daily life of monkeys.

The sun rises in the Amazon River Basin in South America, shining light on the golden brown fur of the smallest monkey in the world, the pygmy marmoset. This adorable monkey weighs just around 4.0 ounces on average, which is nearly the same weight as a deck of cards. And, at about 5 inches tall (about the size of a cell phone), this monkey is extremely tiny. The pygmy marmoset is one of the least studied monkeys of the world but perhaps the cutest.

Not all monkeys are this small. Varying types of monkeys live on most continents of the world and can range from the miniature pygmy marmoset to the large, baboon-like mandrill. The mandrill can weigh about 77 pounds and stand up to 3 feet tall. That’s about the size of a German shepherd! (Likely, you’ve seen a mandrill before in the animated film, The Lion King, as Rafiki is a mandrill and not a baboon.)

Monkeys come in different shapes and sizes, and they can also be classified into Old World monkeys and New World monkeys. The basic, distinguishing characteristic between a monkey and a primate is that monkeys have tails—even if they are just small nubs! New World monkeys and Old World monkeys have different features as well, but the terms come from one feature in particular—the nose! The term Old World means that these monkeys are related to humans and apes and have a downturned nose, like the howler monkey. New World monkeys, like the spider monkey, have flat and much broader noses and are not related to the human species. There are over 200 species of monkey in the world, and they do have some similarities. In general, they are highly intelligent with large brains and are extremely social. Most monkeys choose to live in group settings. Most are omnivorous as they choose to eat vegetation including plants and fruits as well as bird’s eggs they can snatch the from the tree tops in which most live. Whether a monkey is tiny and cute or large, has a tail or a nub, a flat nose or not, there are many things to love about these incredible animals